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Exams for all basic courses take place in the Spring term (usually in April). Advanced course assessments take place at the end of each module.


Students are advised to consult their supervisors about how many exams/assessments they are expected to sit, in advance of the exam period.



Examinations are in the form of a ‘take-home’ paper. Students are expected to spend no more than 3-4 hours on each module, and they should be aware that very long answers are unlikely to find favour with the examiners.

Students will be asked to produce one PDF file for each module attempted, either by conversion from LaTeX, or by scanning a handwritten document. These files should be emailed to the LTCC administrator. Alternatively, answers (in the form specified) may be mailed or delivered in person to the LTCC Administrator, Room 610c, Department of Mathematics at UCL, 25 Gordon Street, WC1H  0AY, to arrive by the deadline. Late submissions will be reviewed individually.


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