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London Taught Course Centre for students in mathematical sciences

The LTCC is run by a consortium of universities in London and beyond. It offers a programme of high-level five-week courses in mathematics and statistics for PhD research students in the consortium, as well as short intensive courses on new research topics open to students more widely in the UK and Europe.


LTCC courses

The Basic Exam Timetable for 2022-23 is available under Exams

The Mock Exams for 2022/23 LTCC Basic courses are available under Mock exams

The course list and timetable for 2022-23 is available under Timetable. Please use the online form to register.

Please note, LTCC courses in 2022-2023 will be face-to-face teaching delivered on de Morgan House, Russell Square. Lecturers are not required to record their course and so it is unlikely that a current recording will be available for your selected course. If you cannot attend, then please make yourself known to the lecturer and explain your situation. Lecturers have been asked to provide course notes to students who register and hence if the course is one that is essential for you to take this year then you may wish to consider studying the course in your own time using the notes and then take the exam in April for a Basic course. For Advanced courses the assessment will be a take-home at the end of the course, or an alternative may be possible on request.

LTCC Book Series

LTCC Book Series

The LTCC Book Series was launched in 2018 and is available for purchase. For more details, see Book Series.