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Note on Basic and Advanced courses

Providing they have the pre-requisites, and the agreement of their supervisors, first year research students may choose to take one or more Advanced modules in place of Basic modules.


All students must register for LTCC courses by completing the online form on the Registration page. (Please note that attendance impacts departmental contributions, therefore students are encouraged to register and deregister correctly.)

(Please note that a fee of £185 per course is payable for students who do not belong to an LTCC member department.)

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'Light' assessments are held for every basic and advanced course. Basic exams will take place in the Spring term, usually in April. Assessments for advanced courses will take place at the end of each module. First year students are expected to take four assessments, although exceptions will apply in individual cases. Please check with your supervisors to confirm how many exams you should be taking.


Timetable 2019-2020


All lectures take place in the conference rooms at De Morgan House unless otherwise stated.

Lectures take place every Monday over five weeks (unless otherwise stated). For abstracts please click on the links in the table below. Links to notes are also provided where available. Please note that the rooms are subject to change.

The course leaflets, with a brief summary of each course, can also be viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below:


Basic Courses Leaflet 2019-2020 [PDF 162KB]

Advanced Courses Leaflet 2019-2020 [PDF 162KB]


7 October - 4 November 2019




Measure Theory Basic Dr. Robert Simon De Morgan House

Measure Theory Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 7KB] 

Measure Theory Notes Week 1 [PDF 120KB]

Measure Theory Notes Week 2 [PDF 68KB]

Measure Theory Notes Week 3 [PDF 56KB]

Measure Theory Notes Week 4 [PDF 55KB]

Measure Theory Notes Week 5 [PDF 58KB]

Measure Theory 2019 Exercise 1 [PDF 21KB]

Measure Theory 2019 Exercises 2 [PDF 17KB]

Measure Theory 2019 Exercises 3 [PDF 57KB]

Measure Theory 2019 Exercises 4 [PDF 20KB]

Measure Theory 2019 Exercises 5 [PDF 19KB]

Note from lecturer:

"In the proof of the monotone convergence for simple functions, I erroneously mentioned the case where the target function f might have  infinite or unbounded values. Simple functions are defined only for  function with finitely many finite values, hence the case does not come  up. Simple functions are always bounded, hence the argument in the  lecture is sufficient without any recourse to what happens where the  values might be infinite or unbounded."

10.50am - 12.50pm


Basic  Dr. Oliver Kerr  De Morgan House  Models Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 11KB]


Advanced Computational Methods in Statistics Advanced Dr. Nikolas Kantas


South Kensington Campus

Room 642

Huxley Building


Advanced Computational Methods in Statistics Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 30KB]


Introduction to Applied Topology Basic Dr. Primoz Skraba De Morgan House

Introduction to Applied Topology Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 9KB] 

Lecture Notes 1 [PDF 12,325KB]

Applied Topology Problems 1 [PDF 591KB]

Noise (Applied Topology) [DOC 9KB]

Circle (Applied Topology) [DOC 1KB]

Noisy Circle (Applied Topology) [DOC 6KB]


Lecture Notes 2 [PDF 13,548KB]

Lecture Notes 3 [PDF 11,993KB]

Lecture Notes 4 [PDF 11,848KB]

Lecture Notes 5 [PDF 3,772KB]

Lecture 5 Slides [PDF 13,017KB]



Final lecture is online on Friday 8 November 2019

Dynamical Functional Equations and Their Applications Basic Dr. Ben Mestel De Morgan House Dynamical Functional Equations Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 55KB] 


Introduction to Geometric Analysis on Manifolds Advanced Prof. Ovidiu Munteanu De Morgan House

Introduction to Geomteric Analysis on Manifolds Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 58KB] 

Introduction to Geometric Analysis on Manifolds Course Notes 2019-2020 [PDF 396KB]



Applied Bayesian Methods Basic Prof. Petros Dellaportas De Morgan House Applied Bayesian Methods Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 17KB] 


Waves Scattering and Resonances Basic Dr. Dmitry Savin De Morgan House Waves Scattering and Resonances Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 96KB]


11 November - 9 December 2019



Measure-theoretic Probability Basic Prof. Alexander Gnedin De Morgan House


Measure-theoretic Probability Abstract 2019-2020 [PDF 236KB]



The Mathematical Theory of Compressible Viscous Flow Advanced Dr. Ewelina Zatorska De Morgan House The Mathematical Theory of Compressible Viscous Flow Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 111KB] 


Examples of Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry Advanced Prof. Nicholas Shepherd-Barron De Morgan House Examples of Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 8KB]
1pm-3pm Stochastic Processes Basic Dr. Ardo van den Hout De Morgan House

Stochastic Processes Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 10KB]

Stochastic Processes Lecture Notes (Link to External Website)

1pm-3pm Maximum Entropy Models for Complex Networks Basic Prof. Ginestra Bianconi De Morgan House

Maximum Entropy Models of Complex Networks Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 86KB]

Lecture Notes (Link to External Website)


3.10pm-5.10pm Cohomology in Groups Advanced Dr. Brita Nucinkis De Morgan House

Cohomology of Groups Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 8KB]

Lecture 1 Notes [PDF 353KB]

Lecture 2 Notes [PDF 305KB]

Lecture 3 Notes [PDF 366KB]

Lecture 4 Notes [PDF 354KB]

Cohomology of Groups Lecture Notes 2019 [PDF 360KB]

3.10pm-5.10pm Fundamental Theory of Statistical Inference Basic Prof. Alastair Young De Morgan House

FTSI Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 72KB]

Lecture Notes (Link to External Website)


13 January - 10 February 2020


10.50am-12.50pm Representation Theory of Compact Lie Groups Basic Prof. Michael Singer De Morgan House


Representation Theory of Compact Lie Groups Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 78KB]

Representation Theory of Compact Lie Groups - Pre-course Reading [PDF 230KB]

Lecture Notes (Chapter 2) [PDF 345KB]


Theory of Linear Models Basic  Prof. Steven Gilmour De Morgan House

Theory of Linear Models Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 10KB]

Chapter 1 [PDF 314KB]

Chapter 2 [PDF 381KB]

Exercise 1 [PDF 97KB]

Exercise 2 [PDF 100KB]

Solution 1 [PDF 119KB]



Integrable Systems


Basic Prof. Rod Halburd De Morgan House

Integrable Systems Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 9KB] 


1pm-3pm Graph Theory Basic Dr. Peter Allen De Morgan House

Graph Theory Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 6KB]

Lecture Notes (link to external website)


Value of L-functions Advanced Dr. Luis Garcia De Morgan House Values of L-functions Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 60KB]
3.10pm-5.10pm Homological Algebra Basic Prof. Markus Linckelmann De Morgan House

Homological Algebra Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 22KB]

Lecture Notes [PDF 567KB]


Mathematical Topics in General Relativity Advanced Dr. Juan Valiente-Kroon De Morgan House

Mathematical Topics in General Relativity Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 24KB]

Lecture Notes (link to external website)


17 February - 16 March 2020


10.50am-12.50pm Asymptotic Methods and Statistical Applications Advanced Dr. Heather Battey De Morgan House


Asymptotic Methods and Statistical Applications Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 9KB]


Introduction to Harmonic Analysis Basic Prof. Sasha Sodin De Morgan House Introduction to Harmonic Analysis Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 8KB]


Representation Theory of p-adic Groups Basic  Dr. James Newton De Morgan House Representation Theory of p-adic Groups Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 9KB]


Introduction to the Modern Theory of Scattering Advanced  Dr. Jeffrey Galkowski De Morgan House
1pm-3pm Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions Advanced Dr. Ana Loureiro De Morgan House Orthongonal Polynomical and Special Functions Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 44KB]
3.10pm-5.10pm Topics in the Design of Experiments Advanced Dr. Steve Coad De Morgan House Topics in the Design of Experiments Abstract 2019-2020 [PDF 76KB]


Riemannian Holonomy Groups Advanced Dr. Lorenzo Foscolo De Morgan House Riemannian Holonomy Groups Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 10KB]



Analytical Methods Basic Dr. Nick Ovenden De Morgan House Analytical Methods Abstract 2019-20 [PDF 9KB] 



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