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Note on Basic and Advanced courses

Providing they have the pre-requisites, and the agreement of their supervisors, first year research students may choose to take one or more Advanced modules in place of Basic modules.


All students must register for LTCC courses by completing the online form on the Registration page. (Please note that attendance impacts departmental contributions, therefore students are encouraged to register and deregister correctly.)

(Please note that a fee of £185 per course is payable for students who do not belong to an LTCC member department.)

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'Light' assessments are held for every basic and advanced course. Basic exams will take place in the Spring term, usually in April. Assessments for advanced courses will take place at the end of each module. First year students are expected to take four assessments, although exceptions will apply in individual cases. Please check with your supervisors to confirm how many exams you should be taking.


Timetable 2018-2019


All lectures take place in the conference rooms at De Morgan House unless otherwise stated.

Lectures take place every Monday over five weeks (unless otherwise stated). For abstracts please click on the links in the table below. Links to notes are also provided where available. Please note that the rooms are subject to change.

The course leaflets, with a brief summary of each course, can also be viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below:


Basic Courses Leaflet 2018-2019 [PDF 162KB]

Advanced Courses Leaflet 2018-2019 [PDF 161KB]


8 October - 5 November 2018




C* Algebras Advanced Dr Xin Li De Morgan House CSTAR Algebras Abstract [PDF 184KB] 


Advanced Computational Methods in Statistics Advanced Dr Nikolas Kantas De Morgan House Advanced Computational Methods in Statistics Abstract [PDF 63KB] 


Model Theory Advanced Dr Ivan Tomasic De Morgan House Model Theory Abstract [PDF 265KB] 


Euler Systems and Iwasawa Theory Advanced Prof. Sarah Zerbes De Morgan House Euler Systems and Iwasawa Theory Abstract [PDF 269KB] 


Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations Basic Prof. Peter Clarkson De Morgan House


12 November - 10 December 2018



Measure Theory Basic Dr Robert Simon De Morgan House Measure Theory Abstract [PDF 8KB] 


Stochastic Processes Basic Dr Ardo van den Hout De Morgan House


Complex Dynamics Basic Dr Vasiliki Evdoridou De Morgan House

3.10pm- 5.10pm

Fundamental Theory of Statistical Inference Basic Prof. Alastair Young De Morgan House FTSI Abstract [PDF 72KB]


Introduction to Aperiodic Order Advanced Prof. Uwe Grimm De Morgan House Introduction to Aperiodic Order Abstract [PDF 138KB]
3.10pm-5.10pm Quantum Ergodicity and Number Theory Advanced Prof. Yiannis Petridis and Dr Steve Lester De Morgan House Quantum Ergodicity and Number Theory Abstract [PDF 186KB] 


14 January - 11 February 2019


(Dates and Times TBC)

Big Data and Statistical Methods Advanced Dr Mark Briers


Big Data and Statistical Methods Abstract [PDF 45KB] 


Lagrangian Torus Fibrations Basic  Dr Jonny Evans De Morgan House Lagrangian Torus Fibrations Abstract [PDF 91KB] 
10.50am-12.50pm Dynamical Systems Basic Prof. Franco Vivaldi De Morgan House Dynamical Systems Abstract [PDF 6KB] 


Graph Theory Basic Dr Peter Allen De Morgan House Graph Theory Abstract [PDF 75KB]


Applications of Differential Geometry to Mathematical Physics Basic Prof. Andy Hone and Dr Steffen Krusch De Morgan House Applications of Differential Geometry to Mathematical Physics Abstract [PDF 10KB] 
1pm-3pm Galois Representations Basic Prof. Fred Diamond De Morgan House Galois Representations Abstract [PDF 84KB] 


Theory of Linear Models Basic Prof. Steven Gilmour De Morgan House Theory of Linear Models Abstract [PDF 79KB] 


Applied Bayesian Methods Basic Dr Jinghao Xue De Morgan House Applied Bayesian Methods Abstract [PDF 85KB] 


Introduction to Random Matrix Theory Advanced Dr Igor  Smolyarenko De Morgan House Introduction to Random Matrix Theory Abstract [PDF 8KB] 


Models Basic Dr Oliver Kerr De Morgan House Models Abstract [PDF 11KB] 


18 February - 18 March 2019


10.50am-12.50pm Measure-theoretic Probability  Basic  Prof. Nicholas Bingham  De Morgan House Measure-theoretic Probability Abstract [PDF 85KB] 


Mathematical Topics in General Relativity Advanced  Dr Juan Valiente-Kroon De Morgan House Mathematical Topics in General Relativity Abstract [PDF 75KB] 


Graph Algorithms and Models Advanced Dr Vincenzo Nicosia De Morgan House Graph Algorithms and Models Abstract [PDF 68KB] 


Representation Theory Basic  Dr John Bray De Morgan House Representation Theory Abstract [PDF 81KB] 


Nonlinear Free Surface Flows With Gravity and Surface Advanced  Prof. Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck De Morgan House
1pm-3pm Topics in the Design of Experiments Advanced Dr Steve Coad De Morgan House Topics in the Design of Experiments Abstract [PDF 80KB] 
3.10pm-5.10pm Kaehler and HyperKaehler Geometry Basic  Prof. Michael Singer De Morgan House Kaehler and HyperKaehler Geometry Abstract [PDF 73KB] 


Analytical Methods Basic  Dr Nick Ovenden De Morgan House Analytical Methods Abstract [PDF 9KB] 
3.10pm-5.10pm Asymptotic Analysis and Statistical Applications Advanced Dr Heather Battey De Morgan House Asymptotic Analysis and Statistical Applications Abstract [PDF 8KB] 



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